The proposed school canteen consists of a simple, long dining room with round edges and is perforated with large, colored ox eyes, which are intended to provide a light-hearted effect, transforming it into the attractive element of the patio in the eyes of the little ones. In contrast, the service area is proposed as a more rigid prism, finished with ceramic tiles in different shades of green and pierced only by small holes in a rectangular geometry.

As an attractive quality for the younger children, the design proposes the creation of a "promenade" or walkway, as an architectural tool to allow children to feel empowered in a space that we believe should be theirs, all the while entering through a pathway with variations in height and adding a fun component before lunch.

This "promenade" has two alternative routes: one just for the little ones, with an elevated ramp to go up and a slide to go down, and a second parallel path with greater physical complexity for intermediate ages, which has volumetric variations, gradations and hanging elements, offering a number of challenges that the children will overcome as their natural growth permits.

Project data:

Date: September 2008

Location: Chiclana de la frontera (Cádiz)

Client: Agencia Pública Andaluza de Educación y Formación

Area: 285 m2

Computer graphics: ©UMMOestudio