In this proposal, the building is situated around the perimeter of an existing courtyard and is similar to that of a large warehouse space divided into two distinct parts: negative space resulting from a stable succession of demarcated spaces and the space resulting from the line of demarcation, and positive space, which is conceived as an open, multi-functional space providing mobility around the courtyard.

The entire space is encompassed under a continuous covering that unites both parts and opens onto a street, which will be in future construction and folds under the surrounding buildings, with a geometry that evokes the natural undulations of the vineyards which make this building possible.

Project data:

Date: November 2009

Location: Bollullos Par del Condado (Huelva)

Promoter: Diputación Provincial de Huelva

Area: 1132 m2

Co-author: Borja Guevara Rodríguez

Computer graphics: ©UMMOestudio