As a proposal presented in a competition for the expansion of an elementary school building, its design is based on various stipulated elements aimed to optimize construction costs, while seeking optimum standards of comfort for its users.

The pre-existing unevenness of the ground, which presented more than a 5-meter difference from one extreme to the other, made necessary a detailed study of the plot to ensure the building’s proper adjustment to the aforementioned and assure the least economic impact possible, without neglecting the mobility necessary for correct operation, and in addition, permitting the possibility of future extensions.

Project data:

Date: Febrero 2013

Location: Chiclana de la frontera (Cádiz)

Promoter: Agencia Pública Andaluza de Educación

Area: 3.309 m2

Budget: 843.042 €

Computer graphics: ©UMMOestudio