Residential building for 20 social housing units, 3 commercial properties and an underground car park, arranged so that the rooms facing the front of the building alternate between the various floors to provide an exterior image which plays on a simple volumetric organization, achieving a distinct contrast between light and shade.

Developed on five floors above ground and two basement floors below, the building has entry to three separate commercial properties on the ground floor, five homes on each of the three upper floors and the top floor reserved for five remaining homes with a penthouse-style design and a private terrace.

Project data:

Date: July 2011

Location: Hellín (Albacete)

Client: Gómez Jordán S.L.

Building work: Gómez Jordán S.L.

Area: 4.258 m2

Budget: 1.751.501 €

Co-author: Jesús Iniesta del Oro

Pictures: ©Jesús Iniesta