A proposal for a single-family house in the natural environment of Lagos del Serrano in the orographic enclave of the northern mountains in Seville. As it will be located on a steeply sloping plot, the house is developed in a staggered manner to suit both the terrain and make the most out of the views available from the ground floor and the first-floor terrace.

Designed for a prestigious audiovisual artist, the principal housing program is elaborated on the ground floor of the house, while the first floor is conceived as a separate work space and is acoustically isolated from the outside, creating an atmosphere of creative evasion, from which one can only view the serenity of the lake and hear the silence of the surrounding landscape.

Project data:

Date: July 2011

Location: Guillena (Sevilla)

Client: Félix A. Vázquez

Status: Unbuilt

Area: 194 m2

Budget: 208.761 €

Computer graphics: ©UMMOestudio