Under the slogan “folds over folds” we attained 1st Prize in the Architectural Ideas Competition for young architects organized in March 2008 by the Andalusian Public Agency for Education and Training and the Official College of Architects of Cádiz.

To cover an area of 32x20m with a minimum height clearance of 7m, we designed a shade structure composed of a succession of folds that come together in a single gesture to form a cover and enclosure, exhibiting a space both exterior and interior, as well as, a discontinuous surface. This effect is achieved by the variation of folds and the resulting openings which permit overhead light to enter into the interior.

Structurally, we propose a variant from traditional systems, such as trusses or space frames, consisting of a succession of plain frames based on a geometric trapezoidal-shaped arch, varying in slope and height.

The designed system allows the covering material to extend and act as a partial enclosure to protect the court against wind, as well as, rain and solar radiation.

Project data:

Date: September 2013

Location: La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz)

Client: Agencia Pública Andaluza de Educación y Formación

Building work: TRAGSA

Area: 716 m2

Budget: 257.668 €

Pictures: ©UMMOestudio