Located on a corner plot and adhering firmly to urban planning requirements, the house unfolds around the perimeter of a central and principal courtyard, with the intention of creating a “courtyard with a house” from which all the main rooms face in such a way that openings to the exterior are not required beyond what is strictly necessary.

The design of the house is based on bioclimatic criteria, such as proper sunlight, cross ventilation and energy conservation; and in addition, connects a courtyard garden to the daytime living space, with the intention of its functioning as a temperature regulator, especially during summer months to dissipate high temperatures through the use of shadows and the freshness of plants.

Currently in the detailed design stage, the working process combines design and materials in order to provide an overall result that is as efficient and friendly as possible to the environment as it is to its inhabitants.

Project data:

Date: In progress

Location: Almendralejo (Badajoz)

Promotor: Mª Soledad Matamoros

Status: Unbuilt

Area: 237 m2

Budget: 141.954 €

Computer graphics: ©UMMOestudio