A written report assessing the repair to damages caused by humidity to the Casemates of the Castle of San Sebastián in Cádiz, a site declared Heritage of Cultural Interest of Spanish Cultural Patrimony. Historically, they protected the northern front of the city and are situated at one end of Caleta beach on a small island.

The report focuses on the casemated battery situated in the body of the advanced fortification of the castle, which consists of a series of vaulted rooms (50 casemates) supported on load-bearing ashlar walls of ostionera stone, which peripherally run through the west side of the fortification and with their construction dating back to 1860.

The purpose of the report is the examination and removal of damages caused by humidity of diverse characterization and sources, preliminary analysis and the study of available documentation, as well as, several inspections, finalizing the procedure with a proposal for the repair of the damages based on their origin and ensuring the preservation of the heritage, with its corresponding economic valuation.

Report data:

Date: May 2013

Location: Cádiz

Client: TRAGSATEC, Tecnologías y Servicios Agrarios S.A.

Planner: Javier Castillo Pérez

Area: 5.870 m2

Valuation: 265.536 €

Pictures: ©UMMOestudio