Refurbishment of a residential building granted the primary protection order in the historic center of the city of Seville for the creation of three new homes and a commercial property. Located in Alameda de Hercules, it stands as a vast public space with an interesting urban morphology that has undergone an extensive evolution over centuries to become a present site of reference for the city.

After suffering a fire in part of the building and the detection of numerous damages in its constructive and structural elements, the planned intervention focuses on recovering the necessary conditions for the building to be inhabited again, with the primary aim of improving its lighting conditions and natural ventilation. This requires the conservation of protected elements according to its protection requirements and is in combination with the insertion of a new courtyard in the heart of the building, around which the homes are developed and designed two stories above ground with a loft space providing excellent views of this unique urban space.

Project data:

Date: November 2016

Location: Sevilla

Client: Romero family

Building work: Lecruberme S.L.

Area: 232 m2

Budget: 165.356 €

Pictures: ©UMMOestudio