After being closed for nearly a decade because of previous falls of the false ceiling, a risk of a complete collapse and multiple constructive damages, the Assembly Hall of IES Menéndez Tolosa regained its splendor after the execution of a rehabilitation project, which has intervened throughout most of its constructive elements.

Fully renovated, the main space takes center stage with its new interior, one which achieves a smooth-stepped curvature along the ceiling that rises to the highest point of the paradise, all features are in dialogue with the original morphology of the building.

The existing parapets on the exterior are removed and the roofing system is remodeled to minimize the risk of past leaks and maintain the original volume and global profile of the building, while renewing its image.

Project data:

Date: February 2015

Location: La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz)

Client: Agencia Pública Andaluza de Educación y Formación

Building work: Díaz Cubero Empresa Constructora S.A.

Area: 536 m2

Budget: 193.450 €

Pictures: ©UMMOestudio